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Clayton Hensley

Local business owner & resident since 1962

"Having known Brian for more than 40 years, I can honestly say that he is the obvious person for the job. His "can do" attitude is the type of positive approach J-town needs moving forward."

Donald Gosser


"Brian is well respected in the business communities due to his pragmatic approach to problem solving. His desire to help businesses grow and succeed is refreshingly genuine."

Charles Warner

Former employee

"Brian first hired me in 1982 at a time when no one would give me a chance. I learned several trades working along side him for the next 20 years. There is no one else I would trust with my future and neither should you, J-town".

Keith Lee

Industry worker & Army Veteran

"It's about time a Blue Collar business owner stepped up to run a City with the proper mindset of the People in the community. I personally know Brian isn't beholden to anyone and is a Man of his Word!"

Joyce London


"Having watched Brian grow into the well rounded man that he is today certainly shines hope onto the future of J-town. There simply isn't a better choice for Mayor"

Donnie Douthat

Colleague & Contractor

"I've personally witnessed Brian accomplish tasks on jobsites that were nothing short of wizardry or some may say, Poetry in Motion. His ability to get things done when there seemed like no feasible way is astounding. He's famous for his saying, "Let's go men, we're burning daylight"!

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