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Proven leadership fostering family, community & economic growth

     Having honorably served as your City Councilman for 12 years, I have the discipline, dedication, & determination to guide our City into the future. I also have extensive experience as an entrepreneur having successfully grown startup companies as an owner and continue to hold those positions. Professionally I've served as President of three separate Local & State Trade Associations then several years as President of Plainview Residents' Association as well as many non-profit Boards of Directors.

     As the City's Finance Chairman for 10 years, I have worked closely with the Mayor to develop sound fiscal policies enabling us to eliminate $17 million of long term debt without ever raising taxes. As a member of the City's Economic Development Committee, we enacted business friendly incentives which attracted new businesses while also retaining & growing existing businesses. Our future economic success depends on our 1,850 businesses & their 38,000 employees all of whom will demand & deserve an innovative Mayor with a vision for growth.

     Since being elected in 2010, I've been a consistent vocal advocate for the safety of our citizens.  Public Safety is the foundation of government as well as the primary issue across our community and is my highest priority.  I continue to be supportive of our police department and am particularly proud to have voted to implement two forward thinking initiatives; our Angel Program for substance dependent individuals & their families and our new Victim's Advocate Liaison. To further improve future policing for J-town, the next infrastructure project will be our "State of the Art" Police Department Facility which is scheduled for completion in 2023.  

     As a member of the City Council I have always voted to protect our infrastructure and provide extended amenities such as our improved Veteran's Memorial Park, Senior Citizens Center, Jeffersonian Community Center, Library, Museum, Arts Program, Plainview Swim & Tennis facilities, Skyview baseball, softball, & football complex, and Bluebird Gymnasiums. All of these, individually & collectively, are critical for a vibrant City and its residents to flourish. Our current project is an innovative Amphitheater scheduled for completion later this year & will grow our "Arts Program for All" in a quantum leap. These newest facilities along with our new Public Works Building (2020) are the very type of capital investments in our community necessary to secure J-town for the next 50 years and I am committed to bringing them to fruition for each of you.

     As residents, you deserve a leader who is for you. A leader with insight so you can continue pursuing happiness at your own leisure and these measures will clearly enable that pursuit in Jeffersontown. The next Mayor has a duty to your future. I ask for your vote on May 17th for Jeffersontown Mayor as we step into the future together because, "Leadership Matters".

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