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     "Being reared by a father, who was a Marine Corps Sergeant & Vietnam Veteran and a mother who was a lifelong Civil Service Employee @ the Naval Ordnance Station, left an indelible positive impression for service to others as well as a healthy patriotic respect for our Country." My proudest accomplishment has been producing 4 successful and productive children. My oldest son & daughter are officers in the Marine Corps and Army respectively, another son is a Kentucky State Game Warden, and my youngest is employed at Ford Motor Company.



Graduated in top 10% of high school class in 1980 (Hall of Fame 2014). Undergraduate degree in Science & Educational Psychology. Working towards Masters Degree in Justice Administration.


Paramount to any community is the safety of its residents. Since elected in 2010, I've strived to provide our Police Department any necessary tools, equipment, education, and technology to improve how we police now & in the future. Very proud of my voting record which enabled the creation of the "Angel Program" for substance dependent individuals & their families and our new "Victims Advocate" position which provides specifically trained help for victims long after the threat or incident has occurred. Our new "State of the Art" Police Department building will finally allow our officers to hone their skills while in a completely secure building.  This new facility located in the heart of J-town will also be community friendly with a large open atrium and large public meeting room.

Economic Development

I will continue our business friendly incentives designed for the growth of existing businesses while also specifically targeting those businesses wishing to relocate to our desirable community & culture. I do have both short term & long term philosophies for  the future of Jeffersontown as we continue to responsibly grow our boundaries without reducing services or raising taxes.


Our current infrastructure is sound with remodeling, renovations, and replacements already accomplished. I will be committed to the continuance of Phase 2 of the Watterson Trail Streetscape renovation, Patti Lane Corridor renovation, and phases 2 & 3 of the Parklands Bike & Ped-Path connectivity to allow better access to our Gaslight District. I'll also ensure the completion of the new Amphitheater & Police Department Facilities.

 I believe in building a competent professional staff, working hand in hand with the City Council, and nurturing the relationships I have been so fortunate to forge with our Representatives in Frankfort & our colleagues in neighboring Cities over the past 12 years which will allow for a seamless transition for Jeffersontown's future success.  

Future Growth

Growth for any City is necessary. Jeffersontown will continue to approach future growth in a responsible manner. This will include thoughtful planning of future zoning issues, assisting in repurposing of vacant commercial properties, meeting housing needs, retail developments, neighborhood & commercial annexations, All will be accomplished without straining our existing services to Jeffersontown residents. 

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